May 2020
ITU EKAM Workshop and Opening

The ITU Mechanical Faculty Additive Manufacturing Research Center (EKAM) Laboratory, which was established as part of the Istanbul Development Agency's 2018 Innovative and Creative Istanbul Financial Support Program, was opened on February 26, 2020.

ITU EKAM, using the additive manufacturing method, is aiming to contribute to the development of high-tech products in Turkey. In this laboratory, studies will be carried out on the production of complex geometries using ceramic and metal materials, which traditional methods cannot achieve with additive manufacturing. Laboratory infrastructure has the opportunity to perform all of the powder optimization, shaping of the part, heat treatments, finishing and quality control steps. Material determination, designs suitable for additive manufacturing, finite element and topology optimization analysis, 3D part scanning, dust characterization, sintering in a controlled atmosphere, 3D printing of ceramics and metal materials could be studied in ITU EKAM.

Opening ceremony of EKAM Laboratory was realized with the participation of Prof. Dr. Alaittin Arpacı and Prof. Dr. İlker Murat Koç and Istanbul Development Agency Evaluation Unit Chair Nesrin Gencer. With the opening, workshops on “Additive Manufacturing in Metal Field and Metal Additive Manufacturing” were held with the participation of members from academia and private sector.