Tests and Equipments 


Binder Jetting Metal Additive Manufacturing Device



Device Model: Sinterjet 


This devices manufactures parts from CAD data by using binder jetting method which is dropping binder on metal powders to bond particles and build parts. 



Vacuum Sintering Furnace 

16 vakum fırını


Devic e Model: PT-V1700 


The Furnace has 1700 °C maximum working temperature and 1600 °C continuous working temperature. Chamber sizes are 150x150x150 mm3 and minimum vacuum value is 6,7x10-3 Pa. 

Atmospherically Controlled Sintering Furnace 

2  sinterleme fırını

Device Model:
Protherm ACF 16/12


Sintering Furnace can work at maximum 1600 °C and continuously 1550 °C. Volume of inner chamber is 12 litre and can be operated with Ar,   N2 and open atmosphere conditions. 


Curing Furnace

3 kürleme fırını

Device Model: Magmatherm MTS-1100-16-PX


The Furnace has 1100 °C maximum working temperature and 1050 °C continuous working temperature. It has also programmable feature for different cycles. 

Sand Blasting Machine with Injection

4 kumlama mak

Device Model: Saykar SK1000


It is a sand blasting machine with injection suitable for general sandblasting processes, used for sanding parts up to 90 cm. Blasting pressure and amount can be adjusted. 

Metal Powder Mixer

5 karıştırma mak

Device Model: HZM MİX LAP - MİX 002


It is used for mixing different types of metal powders. 

Precision Cut-off Machine 

6 kesme mak

Device Model: Metkon Micracut 151


3D Optical Scanner

8 optik tarayıcı

Device Model: Hp 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3


The scan size is 60-500 mm and the resolution is up to 0.05% of the scan size and it can transfer to OBJ, STL, PLY formats.


Density Measurement Device

7 terazi


Device Model: Weightlab instruments WSA-224T


It has a weighing capacity of up to 220 g and has a sensitivity of 4 steps.


Optical Microscope

9 mikroskop

Cihaz Modeli: SOIF XJP-6A, Mshot MD50-B


The device has 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x lenses, the table dimensions are 180x155 mm2 and it can move 76 mm on the X axis, 50 mm on the Y axis and 20 mm on the Z axis..

Metal Powder Sieve

10 toz

Device Model: Saylab SV-200



The device can sieve in 4 different sieve openings of 45 μm, 63 μm, 125 μm and 300 μm.

Metal Powder Flowability Measurement Tester

11 hflow

Device Model: Bettersize HFLOW-1


t tests the fluidity of the metal powder by measuring the flow rate of the sample through the standard funnel. It meets the criteria of BS 5600-2.6: 1985 standard.

Bulk Density Tester 

12 bedensi

Device Model: Bettersize Bedensi B1-S


The device measures the bulk density of metal powders using the Scott capacity method. It meets the criteria of ISO 3923-2: 1981 standard.


Angle of Repose Measurement Tester 

13 unnknown

Device Model: -



It is used for determining the angle of powder repose. It meets the criteria of ISO 4324-1977 standard.

Surface Roughness Measurement Device 

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Device Model: PCE-RT 2000


It can be used on all surfaces, sensitivity <± 10%, repeatability <6%, measurement parameters; Ra, Rq, Rsm, Rsk, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rv, Rc, measuring range; Ra, Rq, Rc: 0.005 μm-16 μm, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rv: 0.02 μm-200 μm, Rsm: 5 μm-1000 μm, Rsk: (-1) - (1).

Tap Density Tester

14 tap density

Device Model: Bettersize BeDensi T2


It measures the compressed density of metal powders. It meets the ISO3953: 2011 production standard criteria.